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Grow your business with us

We help our partners develop their product offer and support marketing.
We will manufacture for you a fully personalized roofing product line.

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Why is DR® the best choice?

Excellent quality

We pay special attention to the quality of materials from which all our products are made.

Individual service

We provide each partner with individual and professional support at all stages of cooperation.

Competitive prices

We offer very competitive prices for our services and products as well as the possibility of negotiations.

"White-Label" branding

We know how important your brand is to you. We'll make sure that your logo appears on every material!

Complete logistics

Thanks to our extensive network, we provide smooth delivery and the relationship of orders from day to day.

Full training

In addition to training materials, we also provide training for you and your employees.

Marketing support

We provide extensive support and all marketing materials throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Ideas and "know-how"

As a producer, we are open to all your ideas! Together we will find the best solution!

Product categories

Ridge Accessories

13 products

Chimney accessories

9 products

Universal gaskets

5 products

Tapes, paints, screws

6 products

Roof valleys

3 products

Eaves accessories

5 products

Roof clips

8 products

Roof ventilation

31 products

Roof communication

10 products

Antisnow accessories

18 products

Protection against birds

5 products

Discover our products

We offer first-class products that are necessary when constructing various types of objects. Regular sale includes the following roof and roof accessories:

  • Tapes:
    • ridge – great protection against water and moisture penetration,
    • chimneys – their installation does not cause major problems, and what’s more, they come in many color variants,
    • repair – with excellent technical parameters, giving almost spectacular end results,
    • expansion – they are extremely flexible, after mounting they increase their volume and perfectly insulate,
    • bituminous – they have a special layer that makes them combine well with virtually any substrate and adhere well to it,
    • PE and PU – plastic roofing accessories, characterized by exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Roof seals:
    • wedge-shaped – made of special foam and glued to eliminate gaps in the structure,
    • profiled – for special tasks with a geometric shape,
    • universal – these are gaskets that make them versatile, easy to install and very durable.
  • Baskets – one of the elements most exposed to adverse effects of water, made of aluminum sheet.
  • Hoods – found in every construction and are a key solution for draining rainwater.
  • Sheets – made of first class materials.
  • Screws – necessary when carrying out various works.
  • Ventilation fireplaces – enable proper air circulation in the building.

Advantages supported by solid foundations

products in our offer
satisfied Customers
representatives worldwide
years of experience

Starting a collaboration has never been easier

Yes it’s true! At DR®, we make sure that our offer is as affordable as possible!

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We create modern roofing products

We have been manufacturing the highest quality roofing accessories for almost 20 years. We are currently one of the leading producers in Europe.

We produce under our own brand (approx. 15%) and under the brand of our Partners (approx. 85%).

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