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International Trade Fair for ConstructionINTER BUILD EXPO”
The largest annual celebration of the industry and the largest such fair event in this part of the world.
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DR® Ukraine –  behind the scenes tidbits
The FairInterBuild Expo”  in Kiev … 

.. behind the scenes tidbits . (relationship with the Polish team DR)
Kiev is truly magical city. Despite hard times, people smile from the mouth disappears.
During the event, we spent the last couple of intense days and nights …   and that,  business meetings in the East is still “committed” it had to somehow share … It can be seen that  teams from different countries, send to such events in the eastern regions is always the most durable players …

In Kiev is also our Ukrainian branch. For a few days we met our new and existing partners, distributors, guests … and we recognize that time always passes in Kiev extremely nice and therefore too fast. Such is the magic of the place and the people … Always a pleasure to go back there. On site are our representatives DR. thank you for a nice time and see you next year …


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