We build a new brand image of DR®

With development and trends. Since 2016, DR.® has been more and more devoted to the quality of its products but to its image. We started the first steps in this direction in 2016. Then we created our new multilingual website. In a modern way for this time style.

#YearOfChanges 2019
Today, the world of modern technology, artificial intelligence from year to year travels the next galaxies. It’s also the year 2019, according to our motto. Is our year of change.
Since the beginning of the year, new materials have been created every day, we are introducing new projects and affiliate programs.

Times also require changes on the site because we do not currently develop a previous page. A new extensive service is being created in its place.
After completing this work, the old site will be archived and made available at

Archive content
New Page/PUBLISHED: 2 Feb 2016 at 20:21
We are pleased to announce that as of today our website takes on a new form and graphic layout.
We hope that the updated offer, the improved way of navigation and facilitated contact with the Office and individual departments of the company will appeal to you.

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