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Ridge tape TECH-Vent
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It is designed to seal and ventilate the ridge.


A vapour permeable ridge tape in the form of two strips of pleated aluminium connected together by a high-strength polypropylene fabric with increased air permeability. Combined with aluminium bonding process and additional sewing finished by high quality butyl adhesive strips from underneath.


An efficient ventilation of the ridge and roof corners by taking advantage of high-strength polypropylene fabric. The tape is air and moisture permeable, and prevents rain water snow and insects from penetrating under the roof covering. High resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation  contribute to long life. Features unique long lasting fabric fastening to aluminium. High tape flexibility facilitates easy installation.

cherry - RAL 3011
green - RAL 6020
anthracite - RAL 7021
brick red - RAL 8004
chestnut - RAL 8012
brown - RAL 8017
dark brown - RAL 8019
black - RAL 9005
Product code size [lm,mm] cardboard [pcs] Palette [pcs]
TTGV.310.(RAL) 5/310 4 240
TTGV.300.(RAL) 5/300 4 240
TTGV.230.(RAL) 5/230 4 320
TTGV.200.(RAL) 5/200 4 360